Performance Tuning a Car – What to Know

Did you know that getting your car tuned as per the owner’s manual can contribute to better mileage and help you save close to 15 cents per gallon? Tune ups or major services are undertaken by authorized auto dealers every two years or 30,000 miles. Most car drivers prefer to handover their car to an expert for a tune up so they can replace the necessary parts and ensure that the engine runs in top condition at all times.

When you have decided to get your car tuned, check for dirt in the air filters as replacing one might show a marked increase in gas mileage, almost up by 10 percent. To improve the performance of your vehicle, you should use manufacturer’s grade motor oil alone. If you find “Energy Conserving” on the American Petroleum Institute (API) performance symbol you are assured that it will improve fuel economy and has friction reducing additives. Check your tires during tune up and ensure that it is inflated and aligned as well. This also helps make driving safe. For any doubts on the pressure of your tyres, you can consult the owner’s manual or check with an auto parts consultant. You need to examine the spark plugs and the wires as well to ensure that they are fine and don’t need a replacement during tuning. Check your battery and add distilled water if required. Apart from that, check other fluids under the hood and add them if necessary. Oil and oil filters need to be changed if it has been 3000 miles since the last time you changed it.

Tuning Turbo Engines

You can replace the existing turbo with a larger unit or even fit a second turbo depending on your power requirements. You can match the exhaust and intake compression impellers to your air needs and notice a dramatic improvement in the power band. A stock OEM turbo casing will help hybridise the turbo.

Tune Your Car – Maximize Performance

If you are wondering how you can crank more power into your car’s engine, tuning it is a great option. For instance, performance chips help increase torque. You can even choose a power programmer for increased horsepower and fuel economy. Look out for signs that your car needs a tune up including knocking (when the engine us under load), poor mileage, stalling or exhaust odour. Unperformed maintenance can cause problems at start up also. All these issues can be addressed when you tune your car.

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