Mercedes-Benz Super Charger – The Best Performance Tuning Turbo Kit

Supercharger kits: when buying a car, you first pay attention to safety and reliability, beauty and functionality, as well as power and torque. Maximum velocity characteristics obtained by using a more aerodynamic cannot help to get a quality speed on many cars. The classic way to improve the acceleration is to use the engine with more volume, which in turn increases fuel consumption and the amount of exhaust gases. This effect can be achieved by using a Mercedes-Benz supercharger.

The history of the German company Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, which produced cars Mercedes, begins since 1900. In addition to the cars, it produced ships and aircraft engines, which gave reason in 1909 to take a three-beam star as a logo – a symbol of success of trademark on land, water and air. In 1926, happened the merger of firm Daimler and Benz and the star was entered in the ring with a laurel wreath (a tribute to past victories of Benz cars in racing).

Turbo kits for cars (superchargers) consist of a centrifugal air pump and turbine connected by a common rigid axis between them. Both of these elements rotate in the same direction and with the same speed. The energy of flow of exhaust gases, which in normal engines are not used, here are converted to torque, that actuate the turbocharger. This energy conversion is accompanied by a decrease in temperature of exhaust gases and their pressure. Turbocharger sucks air through the air filter, compresses it and submits it to the engine cylinders.

The amount of fuel that can be mixed with air you can increase; that allows the engine to develop more power.

In the end it must be said that for the correct choice of supercharger for your Mercedes, you should refer to specialists. That’s experts will help you to find car turbo system and will properly install it, taking into account the price / quality ratio, which in times of crisis like never becomes relevant. After all, no one wants overpay. Therefore, you should go to the professionals to select and install good Mercedes-Benz supercharger.

Maserati Super Charger – The Best Performance Tuning Turbo Kit

The process of centrifugal super charger with turbo drive (which is often simply called the turbos) aims to increase the ventilation of the engine. The end result is similar to the result of any chargers – increase in mass flow of air to the engine and the associated increase in capacity. Power, as we know, depends on how much air gets into the engine in its compressed form.

The company Maserati managed in its history to pass a sequence of revolutions. For 80 years, it noted in the segment of sports and road cars, oppressing BMW and Mercedes. Also, it had implemented many innovative and technological solutions, which are nowadays used in automobiles and production of comfortable sports car with spectacular appearance and high-speed characteristics. This is now the top target for the brand! In May 1993, the company became the property of FIAT, and since 1997 it is run by the “Ferrari”.

The principal difference between the turbo and the traditional mechanically driven is in the way that it is activated. All turbo charger kits are inherently – pumps. Super charger kits pump air and all of them, of course, require some source of energy to perform this function. Turbo kits with mechanical drive (centrifugal, screw type or volume) run by the energy they receive from the crankshaft through a mechanical connection – a belt, gears, etc. Car turbo charger gets energy for its work from the flow of exhaust gases.

To summarize, we can say that the “black magic” of chargers is not a magic at all, but simply more efficient use of energy, which is discharged by the engine. However, while the above things managed to convey to designers and developers of engines, decades past – and this is not an exaggeration. But now you can watch huge popularity of turbo kits for cars. It is more appropriate for people who want to upgrade their automobile performance. Efficiency is achieved effectively by the installation of super chargers for Maserati car brand.